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The House of baytes believes in the artistry and talent of Houston.

THOB envisioned revolutionizing the artistic flair by searching for incomparable photographers in Houston. We believe that there is a vision behind every shoot, every idea, and every campaign that should be heard like a piece of music to ears. Photography and videography are not only passion for us but also an obsession. Every project completed and every shoot done by our photographers in Houston open new vistas of learning for us. Our work helps us understand more about the dynamic world and artistry in the air of Houston.

The real essence of the camera is capturing the spirit of the subjects. The spirit could be in the eyes of a person or the background of a frame. You need to hit the right code and voila, you have grabbed the momentous moments from your lens.

THOB searches out and connects with the best contemporary talent from across the world especially in Houston to create remarkable projects and experiences as a multi-medium creative studio and innovative production company. We not only source but also shape boundary-pushing ideas by combining high-level artistry with great conceptual planning. What makes us the voice of the state is our dedication and devotion to the photography industry. This loyalty runs in our genes, and we strive to give it back to our community.

Image by Cesar La Rosa

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”


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Great decisions and special moments start with talking. We believe in making each discussion and communication special. So, if you have any queries, let us talk. If you are unsure about anything, let us talk. We are here for you and will make sure that none of your queries goes unanswered.


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Image by Sten Rademaker